Darius Bacon (darius) wrote,
Darius Bacon

Dear lazyweb,

I'm a California member of the Decline-To-State Party. I have till Tuesday to change my registration. While voting is one of the least influential things you can do politically, it's sort of bad to just skip it. Should I:

1. Register Democratic and vote for Obama? He seems like the least-bad leading candidate. (Some evidence. The linked post takes this as evidence of effectiveness; I'm more impressed by the choice of what to be effective about.)

2. Register Republican and vote for Ron Paul? There will be a Republican Party for the foreseeable future, that even wins some elections, so its future character matters a lot. Paul, for all his, ah, imperfections, is the only candidate to really repudiate the Bush administration (besides repudiations like it's too liberal or not warlike enough); a good enough showing might make some marginal difference.

3. Register Republican and strategically vote for Romney? I suppose keeping McCain out of the general election, which he might win with the press fluffing him, would make a bigger difference than influencing the Democratic choice. Downside: this is dishonest.
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