Darius Bacon (darius) wrote,
Darius Bacon

Gadding about

I'm visiting the SF Bay area over roughly the next week. Want to meet up? Email me or comment here. I'll be staying with a friend for the first few days, but I'd welcome the chance to crash with someone else for the rest of the stay -- wouldn't want to impose on him that long. (I'll find a hotel if there are no volunteers.)

From there I was going to take a trip around the country on Amtrak; they have several-week rail passes at an attractive price, recommended by papersky. They also, it turns out, require photo ID, which I no longer have and certainly won't get just for them. So I'm not sure -- I suppose I'll try and set up a ride to the east coast via craigslist and then get around there somehow or other -- needs some research. Are there regular east-coast trains without this internal-passport silliness?
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