Darius Bacon (darius) wrote,
Darius Bacon

The web speaks

Here's the 'best' of the first half-dozen 'poems' from my new program: it babbles at random according to a Markov model using the most common bigrams from Google's whole-web corpus, constrained to a Shakespearean sonnet.

Agreed on their weight for this piece of them
For your position and became a trip
To add to you to do we must hold em
In self adhesive tape is more or zip
Code is to being with your bill in less
Than just eight points out in a way to get
A business days per month of your success
Of anal hardcore porno film is set
In prison for improved upon it will
Have seen as well to view cart is an end
Of firms that was extremely slow but still
Free web site will give to protect the trend
In thread for instant credit cards were laid
In for the children will not to be paid.
With package deals for sale at times to her
Life in case for the blessed with long on this
Scope and support group for the children were
Not gonna take this reason to dismiss
The right now if at this search engine which
Are not break free porn free world wide range for
The patient with care so forth from a bitch
About the pension plan must state of more
Attractive to go with some way to take
A gift of patients have a wife on this
Research results for your own mind that make
A self esteem and has been to dismiss
The court date on effective for which is
Served basis as far as they have heard his.

A completely safe for work one:
More stable in support that there were some
Type is shown in my products and thought this
Or been in their poor in a large groups from
Their friends and most things that some are still miss
Him well aware of his words to hang out
And his concerns for front of business to
Be paid for such sale or to lie about
The comic book by any light of view
Complete this section that a named on your
Search tips and he threw it will be a thought
I hate to spin on last line shopping for
The first few years there are not have been taught
By other regions where you understand
What you can range of any other hand.

So the program mostly works from the formal point of view, though with a few terrible rhymes like them/em, some mindlessly repeated rhymes, and it never tries for feminine rhymes. I'm surprised at how decent the scansion is, from such a simple algorithm. It sounds out the words using CMU's pronouncing dictionary.
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